Bird Control & Removal - Netting of Birds and Nuisance Control

Bird control, bird removal, the netting of birds and nuisance control are some of our essential pest control, disposal and eradication services. As professional bird catchers we undertake the netting of birds and bird spiking to help ensure bird nuisance control in both commercial and residential domestic locations.

Our pest control services extend to comprehensive bird control solutions, designed to address issues with nuisance birds in both commercial and residential settings. As professional bird catchers, we are skilled in a variety of methods to safely and effectively manage bird populations, ensuring they do not pose a health risk or cause damage to property.

Our bird control services include:

  • Bird Removal: We employ humane techniques to remove birds from areas where they are not wanted, ensuring minimal stress to the birds and resolving the nuisance for property owners.
  • Netting of Birds: One of our key strategies involves the use of netting to prevent birds from accessing specific areas. This method is highly effective for protecting buildings, structures, and certain outdoor areas from being inhabited or damaged by birds.
  • Bird Spiking: To deter birds from landing and nesting on ledges, rooftops, and other surfaces, we install bird spikes. These are designed to be humane and do not harm the birds but effectively discourage them from settling in these areas.
  • Nuisance Control: Our bird nuisance control measures are tailored to address the specific challenges posed by birds, including noise, droppings, and damage to property. We work to mitigate these issues, improving the environment for our clients.

Our approach to bird control is always carried out with the utmost consideration for the welfare of the birds, adhering to local wildlife protection laws and guidelines. We aim to strike a balance between the needs of our clients and the ethical treatment of animals.

By choosing our bird control services, you benefit from a team of professionals who are committed to resolving your bird-related issues efficiently and effectively. Whether you're dealing with pigeons, seagulls, or any other type of nuisance bird, we have the expertise to provide a solution that works for you. Contact us today to discuss your bird control needs and how we can assist you in maintaining a bird-free environment.

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Based at Bishop Auckland in Wear Valley we are conveniently placed to serve domestic and commercial customers throughout the regions of North East England including County Durham, Tees Valley, Teesside, Teesdale, Swaledale, Weardale, Tyne & Wear, Northumberland and North Yorkshire. Amongst towns and cities we regularly visit are Darlington, Newton Aycliffe, Barnard Castle, Bishop Auckland, Spennymoor, Durham, Chester-le-Street, Washington, Birtley, Houghton le Spring, Gateshead, Newcastle upon Tyne, Hartlepool, Redcar, Billingham, Middlesbrough, Stockton on Tees, Ingleby Barwick, Yarm, Northallerton and Richmond.

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